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Data protection →
Protecting the data entrusted to us is our highest priority. Compliance with the data protection regulations in force is the basis for the trust of our customers, business partners and employees. We treat all social and health data with care and confidence. 
Nevertheless, you have detected a potential violation, such as: 
  • Unlawful publication of company and trade secrets
  • Improper use of data
  • Insufficient protection against access to sensitive data 
Fraud prevention and asset protection →
Fraud not only damages our company, but it also harms the supportive community in the healthcare system. We therefore act to prevent fraud and theft and ensure that our internal guidelines on the prevention of fraud and theft are respected in our day-to-day actions. This includes all offences against property to the company’s disadvantage.
Nevertheless, you have detected a potential violation, such as:
  • Theft or misappropriation of company property
  • Withholding of company funds or work materials
  • Personal enrichment 
Conflicts of interest →
Even the suspicion of an unauthorised confusion of interests can cause considerable and lasting damage to our company’s reputation. We therefore ensure that our actions are always in line with the interests of our customers and with those of SBK. We avoid any conflicts of interest.

Nevertheless, you have detected a potential violation, such as:

  • The personal interests of an employee conflict with the company’s interests 
  • Preferential treatment given to friends and acquaintances
  • Advantage gained from the use of internal information 
Firm stance against corruption →
Corruption is not compatible with SBK values or with the legal principles in place in the Federal Republic of Germany. It causes considerable damage to our society. As a health insurer, we hold a special position of trust. Individual breaches of the law can damage the trust placed in us.
Nevertheless, you have detected a potential violation, such as:
  • Unauthorised conduct such as the granting or acceptance of advantages
  • The acceptance of gifts or inappropriate invitations
  • Bribery or corruption or unauthorised sponsoring  
Violations of codes of conduct in the workplace and violations of human rights →
We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, sexual harassment, verbal or other forms of abuse or any personal abasement of any kind. We must all act together to ensure that we always treat one another with respect and fairness and that we respect the dignity of others.
Nevertheless, you have detected a potential violation, such as:
  • Discrimination
  • Mobbing
  • Unfair treatment
  • Abuse
  • Lack of respect
  • Violation of working hours 
Other →
Here you can file reports that do not come under any of the above categories.